• Capabilities

    We specialize in denim repair including darning holes, replacing zippers, hemming, tapering and alterations.


    We are happy to accept non-denim alterations and repairs and have serviced everything from work vests to silk dresses.

  • Prices

    Holes: $35+

    Crotch/thigh/seat: $60+

    General garment love: $80+

    Chainstitch hems: $25 ($35 for 18oz+)

    Zippers: $75

    Alterations, Tapers: $75+


    All else priced by project

  • Submit an Item

    Submit the form bellow for introduction and to receive an estimate.


    We accept garments by mail or by drop-off at our St. Paul studio.


    Lead times vary but are commonly completed within 2 weeks.